- C A N C E L E D -

The sessions will be entirely interactive with no PowerPoint presentations or lectures but there will be fun and laughter as well as cathartic tears and moments of deep insight. The quality of the experience will be determined by our willingness to be open, to be vulnerable with each other. Our expectation for the retreat is not for more knowledge which we can file for later use but for an inner transformation that will forever change us, our families and the world we live in.

Whilst we will cater for FBN members that come on their own, we would encourage you to come as families to participate in the transformational experience together. This is particularly so if there are intractable issues that seem unresolvable in your family system. This retreat might just untangle the knots in family relationships over the course of three days, inspiring hope for a brighter future.

*Programme subject to adjustments based on participants' requirements on the day itself.