My Story, Our Story, the Big Story:
Shaping the Family Narrative for Future Generations

20 - 22 November 2020 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

This year’s Family Retreat explores stories in a family context – how ‘my story’ interacts with other family stories forming ‘our story’ and in turn becoming part of the bigger story emerging in our world. As a result of the retreat you will:

  • Understand the biological and social drivers that influence your personality and those of your family members
  • Together with your family, discover your life purpose and delve deep into the key stories that have shaped your life
  • Visualise the unfolding story of your family as you collectively reimagine the future
  • Navigate the hidden structures of family conversations and dialogue towards growth and fulfilment
  • Shape FBN’s story as we evolve and take our place in an ever changing and challenging world

From the beginning of time the story of our universe has been unfolding and somewhere in the timeline of our world’s story, smaller stories are constantly being created. Through the dressing room of our mother’s womb we enter the world’s stage with our own personal story, which becomes our story, later to become the big story. Every ‘my story’ is unique. Was I welcomed into the world or a surprise? Was I the first, or the last or somewhere in the middle of a long line of children? Growing up, were there stories of joy and laughter or sorrow and betrayal? Did our family dance together, or fight with each other or did we settle for collusion and compromise? Who was the favourite child or the prodigal or the responsible one? How did marriages, birth and loss affect the twist and turn of the family narrative? And did we as a family change our community, our nation, our planet in anyway? Was it for the better or for worse?

Over the course of the retreat, we will take stock of these stories starting with our own and gradually weaving these together so that our family stories begin to take shape and a collective truth emerges. By the end of our time together we will all have experienced a shift in awareness and become clearer concerning the journey ahead, for ourselves, our families and for FBN Asia as a whole.

Countdown to Family Retreat 2020