Winson Yeung is a 2nd generation family member. He graduated from Imperial College London and has an EMBA from Beijing University. He learned the importance of a sustainable business early on in his life. In 2007, he decided to work alongside his wife and in-laws transforming their family business into an LED Lighting business (Singbee Lighting) at a time where LED lighting was uncommon and unheard of. He started at the bottom rungs, pushed the business into new boundaries, and successfully developed the business in Europe and Northern America. Over time he has transformed the family business Singbee Group and shifted their core business from crystal into LED lighting, which is more sustainable for people, planet and profit.

Winson is also currently involved in his own family business specializing in food manufacturing, distribution and retail within Hong Kong. Winson’s unique role in the family business as a father, son, son-in-law and husband provides him with a unique understanding of family business.

He is also involved in the UNCTAD-FBN Family Business for Sustainable Development (FBSD) initiative and was part of the FBN International Next Gen Leadership Team.