Here to Stay or Just Another Scam?

Friday, 1 April 2022
1.45PM – 4.30PM
Royal Selangor Visitor Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The speaker Goh Xin Yuen will share his thoughts and opinions on the cryptocurrency space and NFTs.

He will answer the key basic questions every family business/family office will be keen to know about this space, whether it is a threat to your business, an asset, another scam or a fad.

His sharing includes how to get into the space, some basics about what to do and where he invests as well as how he is going to apply the metaverse in his own family business.


Part 1
# What are cryptocurrency and NFTs?
# Is crypto safe and here to stay?

Part 2
# How do I get involved in it as an investment?
# Favourite investments and strategy.
# What potential value does it have for my business future?

for FBNA Members, Family Members and Members’ Guests

Since this is Malaysia’s first “in-person” event after 2 years of pandemic, the Malaysia Country Committee hopes to see all members at this event.

For logistics arrangement, please register by 28 March 2022.

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Goh Xin Yuen is the 2nd generation family business owner of Rovski Group of Companies. He led the company for 11 years and growing the local automotive chemical business into a regional business of chemical manufacturing, agriculture, developments and aviation MRO.

Xin Yuen has since 2019 stepped aside in the business to professional management. Working just 1.5 hours a week, it led to a lot of free time and hence delving into cryptocurrency, NFT and all things metaverse. He is now taking that learning to again lead the company in developing a metaverse identity and strategy to evolve into the next stage of meeting customer needs.

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