Iqbal Jumabhoy is chairman of The Wire Group Ltd., an India-based real estate investment and development company he founded in 2006. Previously, he was managing director and group CEO of SilverNeedle Hospitality, where he provided growth strategy for the integrated hospitality investment, management and development company in the Asia-Pacific region. Before that, Jumabhoy was CEO at Rendezvous Hospitality. He was voted best chief financial officer in Denmark in 2005 while he was at the East Asiatic Group of Companies, a Danish-listed corporation. Earlier, he held various roles at Scotts Holdings Ltd. Jumabhoy has served on the boards of listed companies in the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom and two master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one in ocean systems management and the other in management.