The Family Business Network Internship Programme connects Next Gens with Family Businesses around the world. Unlike any other internship, the FBN Internship Programme offers a privileged and unique family experience with family business owners, in addition to the work experience! Join the programme for insights into

  • How family business values and culture permeate through the business and family
  • Exchange of family best practices
  • Transfer of business knowledge

All of that is most potent and powerful within the sanctity of a secure network.


The FBN Internship Programme is By Families for Families. Therefore, both NxGen members and host families benefit from FBN’s unique and secure atmosphere.

As a host:

  • Gain a useful project resource
  • Shape the future of a potential leader of another family business
  • See your own family and business from a fresh perspective
  • Encourage your own Next Gens by allowing them to interact with a person in a similar ownership position
  • Build a deep, long-lasting connection with another business-owning family

As an intern:

  • Gain invaluable experience and fresh insights
  • Widen your knowledge in family business
  • Learn about the “family part” of the family business
  • Build up your personal network and get connected with like-minded peers

For queries on our internship programme and positions available, please email us at [email protected]

* Internship Programme is only for next gens under Corporate/Family and Next Gen memberships. Next gen family members of Individual members do not qualify.

What a relief was to see that regardless of size, culture, industry and goals, some of the challenges were very similar to the ones I have faced back home. After my internship was over, I returned to Sofia. Back in the familiar environment I realized that just in these 5 months I have learned and grown so much.

2nd gen, Bulgaria
5 months internship in IMC Group, Singapore