FBN Asia Interest Groups

FBN Asia Interest Groups are a community of practice with the goal of advancing the knowledge, learning or technological capabilities related to the investment and philanthropic interests of business families.

Members of this interest group agree to drive, shape and cooperate to increase the capability of members in this area. They may communicate, meet and organize conferences or events.

The FBN Asia Interest Groups are focused on the mutual interest of members. Criteria include:

  • They are FBN Asia members in good standing
  • Contribute to the achievement of the overall FBN mission
  • Representing all FBN Asia members


The group’s interest are aligned with the other initiatives already or previously launched by FBN Asia. In particular:

  • The topic relates to core components of FBN’s mission
  • It does not go against the non-profit objectives of FBN Asia
  • It commits to promoting FBN Asia in a positive way
  • Any action that can harm FBN Asia’s reputation can be used by FBN Asia to dissociate itself from the interest group
  • The interest group commits to provide regular communication updates regarding the progress of their informal activities that do not come under centralised purview

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