FBN Asia collaborates with world-class academics, researchers and thought leaders in the family business eco-system and sustainability space. We work with member faculties, to deliver masterclasses, workshops and roundtables to enable business families to better understand and manage the key challenges that confront business owning families. These pertain to the family, ownership, management and governance. Topics include family dynamics, relationship management, communications, talent development and innovation.

Members have access to a growing repository of wisdom, research and qualitative data – accumulated from years of meeting, shared learning and research at FBN Xchange. FBN Asia contributes to this body of knowledge by offering our Asian family business perspectives, and to generate new insights.


Our Summits are platforms for family businesses to share and explore ideas in collaboration with family business practitioners and experts. They aim to facilitate idea generation, discussion and collaboration on ways to make family businesses sustain through the generations.


Master Classes are conducted by award-winning researchers and experts in the field of family business. Through case studies and group discussions, issues of governance, leadership and communication are explored, and frameworks introduced to enable family businesses to better understand the key challenges that confront a family business system. These classes equip participants with a better perspective of family, ownership and business issues, and help them develop personalised work plans and solutions.

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We are a community of family businesses with common objectives and understanding. We learn from one another through shared experiences in a safe environment and develop ourselves through various programmes with the aim to sustain our family businesses for generations.

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