To develop capable, responsible, and visionary leaders, imbued with a sense of spirit of service to the community, FBN Asia designs experiential learning programmes for members to learn through first-heard experiences of other families. Research shows that learning by experience leads to one of the highest retention rates.

Grounded by established experts on family business such as university professors and family consultants, FBN Asia’s learning programmes are facilitated by member faculties. Through the generous sharing of those who have “been there, done that”, other members gain insights and perspectives on complex business challenges, as well as, intimate, personal issues. This is achieved through practiced learning circles incorporated into most workshops and masterclasses By Families, For Families.


Family retreats organised by FBN Asia are usually held annually at various destinations in Asia. Past retreats have seen attendance by business families across different regions in Asia and even from international chapters.

FBN Asia Family Retreats create good opportunities for families to interact, bond and participate in experiential learning in a relaxed environment.


Learning journeys are designed to give members valuable on-the-ground experience in business, social entrepreneurship and environmental concerns. The programme allows participants to explore new business and social models as they meet and share ideas with business, civil society and community leaders.

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We are a community of family businesses with common objectives and understanding. We learn from one another through shared experiences in a safe environment and develop ourselves through various programmes with the aim to sustain our family businesses for generations.

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