Types of Membership

We welcome member families to join our network who share all the following characteristics:

  • As a family, you own, manage or are involved in a business that you plan to keep within the family for more than 2 generations.
  • Your family has a controlling ownership interest in the business, defined as 25% of the decision-making rights or share capital, with at least one representative of the family or kin being formerly involved in the governance of the business.
  • Your family and the business are committed to good corporate citizenship and making a strong contribution to the communities where you operate.
  • Your family recognizes that FBN’s activities are for direct members of your family and select trusted non-family executives.

Corporate (Family) Membership

S$7,000 per year for Year 1 and 2;
S$5,000 per year for Year 3 onwards

This is for multi-generational businesses with family ownership. Corporate (Family) membership extends to all members of the business family; including spouses. Other members in the family business are welcome to participate in FBN Asia programmes, including C-suite non-family executives.

Individual Membership

S$3,500 per year*

Individual FBN Asia Membership is available for those above 18 years of age. This membership may be converted to Corporate (Family) membership at any time.

Next Gen Membership

S$2,000 per year*

Individual Next Gen Membership is available for Next Generation members, aged between 18 – 34 years old. Next Gen membership is available for a maximum of two consecutive years only and applicable once.  Next Gen membership has to be converted to Individual or Corporate (Family) membership upon expiry.

*Membership fee for Individual and Next Gen can be credited against Year 1 Corporate Membership dues if upgraded in the same year.

FBN Asia reserves the right to revise fees when required.


Next Gen
Family (Corporate)