Our Promise

  • Enable all members to gain from the exchange of ideas and experiences with a global network of over 17,000 family business leaders in 65 countries.
  • Engage all members of the family business ecosystem as we are a platform for the entire business family. This includes the NextGen, board members, as well as non-family CEOs.
  • Ensure privacy on this learning journey as we provide an insightful, supportive and safe environment for members and families.
  • Enlighten stakeholders on the relevance and importance of family business in terms of its contribution to both the economy and society.
  • Empower family businesses in their quest to be responsible stewards of sustainable business.

As our member, you will enjoy access to:

  • The largest global network of family-owning businesses in the world with members covering the entire spectrum, in terms of industry and size and spanning several generations
  • NxGen development as a leader and a whole person for readiness in family business
  • Highly confidential and trusting relationships  that maximize individuals’ personal and leadership potential
  • Extraordinary international peer to peer learning in the area of family business
  • Advancement of personal interests and in the context of the family-owning business
  • Development for the whole extended family, across generations
  • Privileged access to family business experiences, that cannot be gained anywhere else
  • Unparalleled personal, family and business resources
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A strategic alliance or partnership with the Family Business Network Asia is a great way of demonstrating a long term support to Families in Business as well as a strong interest in their sustainable development model.

If you are keen on discussing partnership opportunities with us, please get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or through our contact form link below.

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Some Highlights at FBN Asia

COMPASS introduces members to the value and benefits from participating in a small circle of people from diverse backgrounds, expertise and generations. Such a circle of members, who are trained to share their life and work experiences within strict protocol and under high level of confidence, provides a safe environment for members to discuss personal, family and business issues close to their hearts.

Members participating in these circles have singled out FBN Asia’s COMPASS as the most invaluable experience of their membership. To get the most value out of your membership with FBN Asia, attend a COMPASS training led by a fellow FBN member to start this learning journey with fellow members from the family business eco-system.


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Throughout its first 30 years, FBN has dedicated itself to helping family businesses grow, succeed and prosper through the exchange of practices and ideas. In the next 30 years, we believe that every one of our members has a unique opportunity to lead the way when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability is not a new ‘initiative’ for FBN members. As family businesses, we have been doing this for years, decades and even generations as no other organizational entity is chartered to address the future with as long a time frame, as intrinsic a focus and as holistic an approach.

In order to make this vision of a ‘Sustainable Future’ a reality for your family business, FBN has developed Polaris, a framework and guide, to help you chart your journey on the four dimensions of the FBN pledge and to enable your family business to find its own True North.

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