What We Do

To be a model of sustainability, family businesses need to develop mastery in three domains – self, family and business. We aim to help our members discover, through shared learning, the purpose of servant leadership, the promise of harmonious families and the potential of every family leader to be responsible stewards of business.

FBN Asia serves its members in the areas of capacity building, networking and research.


FBN Asia’s educational programmes enable learning with peers and experts, encourage debate and dialogue, and empower families through the introduction of new paradigms and practices on balancing family and business priorities.


Networking & Support

The importance of shared learning is vital to running and growing a business. The numerous activities of FBN Asia offer members the opportunity to meet others with similar concerns, share experiences and explore issues.


Collaboration with world-class researchers and academics has enabled FBN Asia to build and maintain a comprehensive body of qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to the particular framework of family businesses and the context in which they operate. Our research initiatives aim to build a repository of knowledge on Asian family businesses, to generate new insights, and facilitate sound decision-making for partnerships and globalisation.

Details on Membership