Circle of Giving

FBN Asia benefits from the generosity and direct support of its member families. This Circle comprises families who share the collective aspirations to shape the growth and development of the FBN Asia community. This allows us to continuously fund essential projects and initiatives such as Next Generation, COMPASS, and various programmes, while protecting FBN’s unique safe space.

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There is no business like Family Business. It stands out from other types of businesses because of a certain kind of passion that can be a unique source of strength. At the same time it faces some specific issues which include: bringing on the Next Generation of owners; organizing governance of the business and the family; dealing with inheritance and more.


We know that running a family business can be difficult. We know that it can be lonely in ways that few outsiders understand. But we also know that the commitment and multi-generational thinking of family businesses can provide an unrivaled competitive edge and huge personal satisfaction.