kids1Kids’ programme*

3:30pm    Baking Workshop with Valerie Kong
Kids make their own tuna & hotdog soft rolls
4:30pm    Arts and Crafts
5:30pm    Kids’ Yoga with Hasiko
Strengthen body & mind for life to the fullest


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In recent years, a number of alarms have been sounded over helicopter parenting and how it robs children of opportunities to develop independence and resilience, thereby crippling them emotionally later in life. In Singapore and other metropolitan centres in Asia, the cultural dynamics of perfectionism and overindulgence frequently conspire to create young people who are focused on success but don’t know how to fail.

What looks like healthy assimilation into the family and community – good GPAs, conforming to the standards of their family, school and society, a receptiveness to and openness to others – can be deceptive. Teenagers can present themselves as competent and well-adjusted and yet lack a fundamental sense of identity. Psychologists refer to this as the ‘false self,’ and it is highly correlated with a number of emotional problems, most notably depression.

In this talk, Mr S. Magendiran, Senior Deputy Principal of Student Development at Raffles Institution, draws on his three decades of working with gifted and talented students to share about the challenges faced by privileged children from affluent families and their parents, and what he has seen work for such families.

Mr David Chong (Portcullis Group) and Mr Ng Yixian (EtonHouse International Education Group) will join Mr Magendiran on a panel discussion, reflecting and sharing their personal experiences and views. Moderated by Felicia Heng from FBN Asia, with Q&A, this promises to be a lively discussion on a subject close to all families.

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*final programme subject to change
**complimentary for family helpers required to look after the children