15 - 16 November 2018

Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Each year, families in business from all around Asia gather for the FBN Asia Regional Family Business Convention.

As the network’s definitive showcase of best practices, leading-edge ideas, innovation; as well as heritage and tradition - it is the most influential platform for nurturing business families to build sustainable legacies, succeed and prosper across generations.

Join us this year in Singapore for ground-breaking insights from multi-generational family business owners and leaders around Asia and Europe. A dynamic metropolis and first-world city state, Singapore is also known as a garden city and a global financial hub. It offers an exceptional learning environment and opportunities for family businesses to maximize their chances to win for generations to come.

New Era Families in Business:
Honouring the Past, Embracing the Present, Inventing the Future

This year, the 10th Anniversary Convention spotlights are on Honouring the Past by taking the wisdom of past generations to pass on the flame. We also Embrace the Present by paying close attention to the current context and megatrends to get a deep understanding of reality as it is. In doing so, we recognize that the best way to predict what lies ahead is to Invent the Future. As the leading network of multi-generational family owning–businesses, we are well placed to shape the future we collectively want for the highest good of our family, business and community.

This convention is for:

  • Founders and Current Generations - Learn how to transmit unique family values, experience and practices across generations and ventures for the longevity of the business
  • Family Members and Spouses who may or may not be working in the family business
  • The Next Generation - Gain insights on how to transform your organizations to build competitive advantage through continuous innovation and growth, attracting non-family talent and harmonize modern practices with tradition and heritage
  • Non-family CEOs and Board Members working in family business
  • External Trusted Advisors and Consultants – Hear first-hand what family-business owners really want and need. Go away with new ideas on how to support them in retaining and developing internal and external talent. Exchange ideas with other trusted advisors on how to create a conductive environment for effective decision-making with stakeholders
  • Industry Leaders and Subject Matter Experts - Join family business owners and industry disruptors to invent the future in Logistics, Retail, Lifestyle, Real Estate, Pharma, Healthcare, Fintech, Supply Chain and the Digital Economy
  • Everyone - How to lead with a global, pro-business, pro-social and pro-future mind-set for sustainable economic development for future generations.

FBN is a members-driven organization, for families and by families. Every trip I’ve gone on with FBN feels like a family trip with extended family members, where everyone is unafraid to share our deepest concerns in a safe, trusted environment. I’m personally very grateful for the memories my family has had together as the result of FBN Family Retreat, Learning Journey and look forward to joining many more in the future.

Kathy Luong, 2nd Generation, Vietnam